For the Birds - Jess Deitz

Red-shouldered Hawk Series

A message from the Birds

  • I See You

    If you have been fortunate enough to be in the presence of an Owl, then you have experienced the calm and focused knowing energy they possess. When you look into an Owl's eyes, it seems they see you.. the real you. I believe the intellect of the Owl is what their prey fears most. Therefore their prey becomes fear itself. Fear is based from lack of knowledge. If we don't understand a situation, we avoid, judge or condemn it. What if we become more curious to unfamiliarity? If we become scholars of our fears, then light is cast where there were only shadows. Fear is afraid of being stand before it and say.. "I See You" ~ J.L. Deitz

  • Awakening

    I believe our minds are not held captive by our bodies. If your mind is free, there are no limitations to what is possible. This is a photograph of a Bald Eagle rehabilitating in captivity. The light reflects the shadow of a cage on the branch from which he stands..his cage is merely just a shadow. His mind is free because he accepts the room as it is. The infinite darkness that surrounds him is filled with the possibilities of what was, is and will be. He stands fearlessly with integrity..understanding that his current surroundings does not reflect who he really is. ~J.L. Deitz Bald Eagle In Rehabilitation

  • The Guardian

    The Vulture is not considered a beautiful bird to most. It is one who is often judged by their appearance and "occupation" here on Earth. Who else would volunteer to do the job that they so honorably do for us? When I look at them, I see perfection, beauty and purpose. You have a purpose.. Understanding this allows acceptance for everything that crosses your path. When you're given the opportunity to stand in the light and be seen for the first time, all about you is revealed. The veil disappears and you see who you have become from all of your life experiences. When in doubt, choose to believe that you belong exactly where you are.. as you are. ~J.L. Deitz

  • "Ye be Pirates in that thar tree.."

    Shimmering in the golden light, a Crabapple tree inhabits the lake shore. A large band of birds in flight thieve the sunlight from my eyes. They are here for the berries, flittering about the branches speaking a language only deciphered by their court. This was their merry land, rich with plunder. As I approach, naturally they flee.. I am an outsider for now. So I invoke my right of parlay, and stand quiet and still until they honor my request for engagement. For what seems like an eternity, only the lapping waves are my companion. Suddenly, the tree began to tremble as they returned by the hundreds! I am beneath a flock of lawless birds enveloping a tree canopy and it is nothing short of magnificent. Having discovered their loot, there was no turning back.. I must join as a rogue or it's exile for me. What a colorful bunch dressed appropriately to their character, drinking the fruit from the tree tavern one by one. Swallowing the berries whole, beaks covered in juice this was the life for an outlaw bird, savvy? At the waters edge, my soul has become full again. Here with the birds it will linger, no matter where my body roams. -J.L. Deitz Lake Pleasant, Adirondacks October 4, 2015

  • Wild and Free

    Surrounding ourselves with only like minded people conflicts with get things done. If we are invited to both friend and foe affairs, we are being seen and respected as true leaders. That is where progress is born. If this is practiced, there can be no real enemy.. only ideas. Our ideas then become action.. Our action becomes an unprecedented solution, that cannot be realized without one or the other working together. ~ Jess Deitz American Bald Eagle (Adult Female) Hudson Valley, New York Photographed from a rowboat. Canon​ 7D Mark II | 400mm f/5.6L USM | 1/4000 sec at f/8.0 | ISO 640 | Handheld

  • Mirage

    This is image is real.. I just flipped it over. Her reflection was showing another side of her character. How can we really be sure which side is right side up anyway? Mallard Lake Pleasant, Adirondacks

  • Great Blue Heron

    Out of the trees, wingtips nipping the branches behind me.. "SQUAWK!" says the Great Blue Heron. I restrain myself from reaching for its gigantic feet, while this prehistoric bird coasts just above my head. Never have I had such an experience before.. This was our rendezvous with destiny in the afternoon light.

  • Kings and Queens

    "Five Bald Eagles surrounded us on the waters.. four in the sky and one on shore. She called on her family one by one from the big blue, ordering their descent onto the nearby tree thrones. Our journey had lead us to a court of Kings and Queens, with the halls bathed in gold." More about the photo: By keeping my distance, wildlife continues to reward me in return. If I had approached any closer we wouldn't have been invited to the party. It was an incredible feeling to watch the Sun go down in the company of Eagles. Canon 7D Mark II | Canon EF400mm f/5.6 | 1/2000 sec at f/8.0 | ISO 400 | Taken handheld from a rowboat, heavily cropped

  • Mind Power

    I want to take you into the mind of a Gull. As you can see here the bounty is plentiful on the Ocean shores.. but nature insists that we put effort into obtaining the prize it so abundantly provides. It could seem that the Ocean is being cruel at first doesn't it?.. so many colorful and beautiful things to choose from, with every wave more is washed in and some taken away.. and when it's finally within our grasp, there is a hardened shell that appears to be impenetrable keeping us further from what we desire. But this is really to our advantage.. a gift. With so many things to experience during our brief stay here, we need to be more selective with what we put our time and energy towards. This bird is focused. It doesn't care about the incoming waves, other surrounding Gulls.. me clicking my shutter away. It knows what it wants and that tells the source of all things to send more of it and show her a way to master it. Is this bird actually engaging in such complex thinking? Probably not. But does that make it less intelligent and inferior to the human mind? I say no. It's making decisions based on instinct which we all have but we let thinking get in the way. So who is really the wiser? Too much mind can lead to too much sorrow and no treasure. She loves clams. She needs clams to survive. She will go after it no matter what.. find a way to crack open the hard shell. Eat it. Move on. Game over. She won. Nature has it all figured out and we are all part of it.

  • Common Grackle

    Misunderstood because of their personality and social etiquette. Everything you feel when you look at something is a direct reflection of you. This bird is beautiful ..

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