Get to know me - Jess Deitz

I spent the day on the Hudson with Riverkeeper, New York's clean water advocate.. defending the Hudson River and protecting the drinking water supply of 9 million New York residents.

I'm on Instagram.. Nature works @jessdeitz, on the streets @big.reveal, on the road @heywatchmystuff

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Jess Deitz

Music was my first Love..
I'm a Vocalist, Recording Engineer and love to play Guitar, Saxophone and Piano..
I have a degree in Music Business, Live Sound, Audio Engineering, Graphic Arts and Computer Animation. My photography and videography skills are self taught.. I'm not sure any of this is relevant though :)

It's so hard to have a picture of me with my Dog.. This was supposed to be a promo shot of me that he decided to jump into.. He's always staring at the remote. If I'm lucky, I can pull off some GoPro shots of my Family and I on the go.