Jess Deitz
Boulevard of Dreams

"Ye be Pirates in that thar tree.."

Shimmering in the golden light, a Crabapple tree inhabits the lake shore. A large band of birds in flight thieve the sunlight from my eyes. They are here for the berries, flittering about the branches speaking a language only deciphered by their court. This was their merry land, rich with plunder.

As I approach, naturally they flee.. I am an outsider for now. So I invoke my right of parlay, and stand quiet and still until they honor my request for engagement. For what seems like an eternity, only the lapping waves are my companion. Suddenly, the tree began to tremble as they returned by the hundreds!

I am beneath a flock of lawless birds enveloping a tree canopy and it is nothing short of magnificent.

Having discovered their loot, there was no turning back.. I must join as a rogue or it's exile for me. What a colorful bunch dressed appropriately to their character, drinking the fruit from the tree tavern one by one. Swallowing the berries whole, beaks covered in juice this was the life for an outlaw bird, savvy?

At the waters edge, my soul has become full again. Here with the birds it will linger, no matter where my body roams. - J.L. Deitz

Lake Pleasant, Adirondack New York

"Ye be Pirates in that thar tree.."


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